Niki Gaines is an outgoing, food and craft beer enthusiast who throughly enjoys adventure,  traveling the world, and exploring new cultures. Enamored with photography, Niki finds herself wrapped in the abstract mind of the darkroom passionately engaged with experimental processes. Her work involves issues around construction of identity and the loss of such. Niki recently graduated from Guilford College where she received a B.S. with honors in Community Justice and Policy Studies and minors in Photography and Japanese. She is also fascinated by the power of art to heal and empower individuals and communities, as well as the intersection between art and social justice. Important influences for Niki are Man Ray and Rinko Kawauchi. Currently residing in the Bay Area,  Niki wishes to participate in the ever-growing public art movement and continue to explore and collaborate with a plethora of artists across different mediums.


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